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Your Gateway to Success

Payment gateways are amongst the most crucial merchant services there are. We integrate websites, applications, and other e-commerce platforms, enabling your business to accept card payments. The Payb gateway allows you to receive secure payments in multiple ways, including by debit and credit card, thereby broadening the potential revenue streams of your business. Through your own business portal, you can view live reports and examine transactions in depth to monitor your performance and growth. A number of technologies are used to ensure the security of payment gateways, both for customers and merchants. Among these are fraud protection systems and chargeback prevention measures – including 3D Secure, which ties each card payment to the cardholder, thereby placing responsibility for the payment with the cardholder. The Payb payment gateway employs all these systems to make your transactions as safe as possible.

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Your Gateway Portal

Want a taste of the Payb experience? Then see our gateway in action: view customer information, analyse payments, and survey our product range using Payb’s attractive and easy-to-use virtual portal. Come and have a look!

What Does It Do?

Once you’re set up with your Payb gateway, you’ll gain access to the gateway portal. This includes a customisable dashboard offering a range of analytic facilities:

  • Monitor transactions
  • View live reports
  • See which customers repeat their custom
  • Identify geographic and other purchasing trends
  • Examine the causes of declined transactions

The Gateway to Online Payments For Every Kind of Business

  • Ecommerce
  • Fast Food
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Butchers
  • Ecommerce
One Powerful Gateway

Our integrated payments infrastructure is built to accommodate every business model. Whatever you do, Payb will power your transactions to help your business grow.

What Do We Cover?

Subscription-based platform
Any combination of these.

Global Payments Coverage

We want your business to flourish and grow. With Payb you can take payments from anywhere—nationally and internationally—so that your business can operate at a global scale and reap the benefits of engagement with the wider world.

Unrivalled Data and Insights

Knowledge is power, and we strive to empower you with the tools to glean key insights about customer and subscriber payments across geography and sales channels. Use the Payb portal to work smarter and grow your business.

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As a Payb partner you can deliver simple, secure payment processing to your clients while earning rewards, including commission on transactions. You’ll be assigned your very own Payb partners manager, plus our technical support team is on hand at all hours to ensure smooth running from the get-go. With access to in-depth customer analytics, highly competitive partner rates, and partner support that’s second to none, you won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity!

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A lean, mean payment processing machine

Enterprise Level

Simplify and streamline your transactions! Unify your payment channels (ecommerce, telephone, retail, etc.) and automate your payment processing to save time and money. Our enterprise-level software solutions enable efficient transfers at any scale across multiple currencies, all while preventing errors and protecting against fraud, chargebacks, and other threats to your precious, precious revenues. Use our powerful analytic tools to track and match payments and glean insights about customer and supplier activity—no small blessing for your accounting, sales, and procurement departments!

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