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Merchant Accounts:
Simple, Secure, and Flexible

It’s time to unlock new payment opportunities for your business. Setup is easy and quick, and your merchant account comes tailored to your specific needs. See below what information and documents you’ll need when applying for a Payb merchant account.

Once your merchant account is set up you can use it for a variety of purchase and subscription arrangements, from one-time buys to membership dues and more. You can relax and watch the money flow in and your business grow, knowing that payment processing with Payb is flexible, secure, and fast enough to accommodate all your business needs.

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Getting a Merchant Account:
What Do I Need?

Setting up a merchant account with the big banks can be a slow and painful process—so why put yourself through it? Go with Payb instead: it’s easy! Just follow our simple, no-fuss application process for account approval in short order.

Just A Few Details

Identity verification plays an important part in combating money laundering and other financial crimes. What we will need from you are a few pieces of information, with documentation to confirm the identities of you and your business.

Why We Require These Documents

“Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Know Your Business” (KYB) are important prudential procedures for any merchant account provider. KYC is used to verify the identity of new customers – crucial in combating fraud in line with AML guidelines for financial institutions. KYB involves obtaining information and documentation regarding your business and its activities, ensuring that all appropriate checks have been carried out.


Driving License(s)
Home Utility Bill


Trade Address
Business Bank Document

Will A Merchant Account Help Your Business?

  • Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce
  • Hardware
  • Retailers
  • Web Developers
  • Insurance


Why jump through hoops for the big banks when we can have your account ready in a jiffy? With our guaranteed 48-hour approval time, setting up a merchant account with Payb couldn’t be easier.

More Payment

“Sorry, we don’t take card payments”—definitely not what customers want to hear. As a business owner, you’re eager to remove such barriers between you and your customers. A Payb merchant account will enhance your payment flexibility and widen your customer base.

A Tailored

Each business is unique, so why should merchant accounts all be the same? Our powerful gateway offers endless flexibility: take payments at the till, around your premises, online, by phone—whatever works for you and your customers.

Safety First!

Security is key (get it?). When making transactions, the last thing you want is to put either your business or your customers at risk. The Payb gateway integrates state-of-the-art payment technologies and processes to prevent fraudulent and other harmful activity from affecting you and your customers.

Pre-Checking Customer Accounts

Payb’s got your back! We always assess customer accounts to ensure that everything checks out before authorising payments. It’s our business to protect your business against chargebacks and other hazards.


Flexible and easy to use, Payb’s systems are compatible with most platforms, including web suites like Magento and WordPress (as well as their various plugins). A gateway integration means your customers can enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish, with no clumsy external links. Your payment infrastructure will look the part and work like a charm!

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