Recurring Payments

Keep the money coming in

Take a Seat While the Payments Repeat

Level up your revenue streams with Payb’s recurring payments service. You can set up automated, recurring payments for customers around the globe using only their card details. Scheduling payments is a straightforward process, taking just minutes to finalise. Enjoy a consistent, convenient user experience that saves you time and stress.

Protect & Predict Your Revenues

By guarding against missed payments, our recurring payments service helps you capture more revenue. Moreover, without these unexpected cancellations, you’re much better placed to anticipate cash flows. Additionally, your Payb portal enables you to track and manage recurring customer payments, with on-demand reports to further enhance your cash-flow forecasting.

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How It Works

Add the customer and their card details to the Payb gateway.

Create a plan and set the payment frequency and collection day.

Finally, enter the amount to be taken for each payment.

Recurring Payments & Subscription Services

Payb recurring payments make subscription fees a breeze, with automated payments, integrated invoicing and in-depth financial reports. You can even manage employee access to the system, assigning different roles and authorisations to different members of your team. The upshot: less hassle, more information, and no more chasing after customers for late payments!


Easy enrolment means your customers can begin making payments quickly.


Recurring payments are supported by Account Updater to prevent payment failures


Customers see only your brand throughout the payment process

Payments You Can Set Your Watch To!

Simple, safe, and secure, recurring payments with Payb will shore up your revenues and save you and your customers time and money. We’ll make sure your payments run like clockwork!

Enjoy Predictable Revenues

No more waiting around or chasing up bills! With your customers signed up to make regular, automatic payments, you’ll get paid on time, every time. Plus, Payb’s recurring payments are supported by Account Updater to protect against payment failures.

Track and Manage Payments

See who’s paying and when. Our recurring payments service allows you to track subscriptions and use on-demand reporting to assist in accurate income forecasting. Make sure you’re in the know when it comes to cash flow.

Help the Environment

It’s important to lessen the harmful impact of our financial activities on the environment. Payb’s automated payments allow your customers to go paper-free, receiving bills by email to reduce energy consumption and prevent the waste of material resources.

Ensure Customer Confidence

With access to their payments history and schedule, customers know exactly how much they’re paying and when. Thanks to this payment transparency, plus tokenisation protecting their sensitive payment information, your customers can have complete confidence in their recurring payments.

Accommodate Customer Needs

Our flexible scheduling system allows payments to be planned around the customer. For example, set up a bespoke payment plan based on what each customer can afford and when, including payment date notifications via email. Customers can also store up to five bank/card payment accounts.

A User-Friendly Service

Enrollment is simple and super quick, so your customers will have no trouble signing up for automated payments. Customers can access their payments history/schedule through the web or via mobile device and the user interface is very straightforward.

Will Recurring Payments Help Your Business?

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